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Kingdom of the Galaxy Our game cards are sold as NFT. There are differences here.  There are cards that are rarer or stronger and weaker. The NFT price is determined by this. When selling the cards, a base price is set for each card. After that the NFTs can be traded. Everyone can decide for himself if he wants to keep them or sell them for how much. The game is developed after the NFTs are sold. The base is created. Our game is a strategy game with many variations and hundreds of ways to reach the goal. You can buy NFTs only with one Currency.

Minebase Token

The Minebase token is created with 250 million tokens. The process of Minebase is only to release the token for circulation through the wallet addresses fees. Wallet addresses from the Ethereum network, the decentralized exchanges and the Bitcoin network are registered in the Minebase system.  These wallet addresses are made available to the users. This releases the Minebase token for circulation, i.e. it is created.

Production: The user registers with Minebase. He needs at least 25 Minebase tokens to start. He can buy them at the exchanges (Bitforex Digifinex or LBANK). If he has at least 10 Minebase tokens on his Minebase wallet he receives an automatic wallet address. (randomly selected) from the Ethereum, Decentralized exchanges  or Bitcoin network. All fees generated by this wallet address will be credited to the user. An example:

First transaction of this wallet address is $1.50 fee, second transaction is $2.50 and so on. When $6.50 has been reached the user will automatically receive a Minebase token. (The token is released for circulation from the 250 million tokens created). So created for trading. Each wallet address is exchanged every 72 hours. The new wallet address takes the place of the previous address. The created value of the previous wallet address is preserved.

Period of time

POT Is an advantage program. Anyone can use this program. We want to reach people who have not had any contact with cryptocurrencies.  The user receives 26 cents an hour 4% of $6.50. After 25 hours he receives a Minebase token.

Price stabilization.

If the price on the exchange falls more than 10%, 0.025% of the total volume of unissued tokens is burned.  From the CTP price of $131 there is a reward program for all users. Every time the CTP price increases, users who own a silver gold or platinum wallet will receive free tokens.

Minebase Ecosystem
The ecosystem is constantly expanding in order to use the Minebase token.

Staking Minebase

Minebase is working with a partner company to stake the Minebase token. Weekly rewards are paid out.

Interconnected Wallet

This upgrade gives you the possibility to dock to other users who have 20 wallet addresses. This means that you can participate in another 20 wallet addresses. It is possible to dock to a maximum  of 5 users.

Games / Burning program

The website will offer games in the future. Play to earn The token is used for payment. e.g. competition games 10% of the tokens that are in the game are burned NFT.
If the user buys a NFT with Minebase Tokens, he gets an additional advantage in the Minebase system. As the CTP price increases by an algorithm, the user with the NFT value (e.g. 100 Minebase tokens) can buy the Minebase token for half the price for these 100 tokens.

CTP Token Burning system

Starting September 9, 2022, our CTP system will receive a major upgrade. The Minebase token is created by fees from the entire crypto network. In order to keep the token stable in the long term we have created a combustion formula of the Minebase token.


Creation fees price + Created tokens (price) : 4= Sum 
This sum is divided by the current token price. (These tokens are burned) This process is done monthly.

Minebase Ecosystem

We create products with which you can use Minebase tokens. Our first product is a software that is being developed and will be ready by 2024. It will create avatars that you can make look exactly like the user by taking a face photo or scan. You also have to enter your measurements. The goal is to create a shopping avatar to view the clothes on your own avatar. The software is free to download. The files for the clothes are provided free of charge to the fashion brands. The fashion provider only pays when the customer clicks on the avatar software. We offer Clothes Rack shares. So you can participate in this business. There are 1 million Clothes rack shares. One share costs $200. You can pay for them with Minebase tokens.