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Kingdom adventure card game.

Game Main Character Crown Prince or Crown Princess
Increase the size of the kingdom with each game. Achieve world domination and create peace all over the world
Each crown prince or princess forms a team. With this he must go into the negotiation to win the country for himself. A draw is made to see who will start. The loser gets an extra crown crystal and can choose the continent. If you already own all the lands on a continent, you get an NFT land card and can sell it. It is even more interesting if you own a whole continent. This can also be converted and you can sell it as NFT. If you have converted it to NFT, you have to play all the countries again to reach the whole world domination.

Kingdom of the Galaxy

Crown Prince

Crowns princess

Duke, Prince, Baron, Knight, Pirate, Magican, Priest, Fairy, Consul

140 playing cards

Man must choose 30 of them

You have to increase the size of the kingdom every time you play. With each victory you increase the kingdom by 1 country. The one who has placed 300 tons of Latin Gold bars on his teammate's account at the end is the winner and can add a new country with it.

When you win, there are 10 face-down cards with countries from the continent on the board. You can reveal five cards. If you already own all these countries, you get 10 tons of Latin gold extra. When you have collected 300 tons of Latin gold you can choose one country. If you have a duplicate card, you can of course also sell this country as NFT.

The game is played with two players. The other player will also try to win over your servants and thus capture the land.

At the beginning, everyone gets five cards. Everyone can choose three of them. When the first round starts, the one who starts gets a card and starts. The crown crystal is the means of payment. You can use it to play the cards if you have enough crown crystals. On each card you can see the value of how many crown crystals you need. First of all you get one crown crystal. On the second turn you get two and so on.

After you decide what you want to do, it's your teammate's turn.

One crown crystal isn't much, but there are plenty of powerful yet inexpensive moves for your first turn. For example, we can play a Baron Barons can't negotiate right after they're played, so the servant takes a little nap until it's his turn.

The other player has played a servant, now it's our turn again. With two 2 crown crystals we can summon another servant to take over the negotiations. He can play a spell or use a spell. A difficult decision ... In the meantime, our Baron is also ready to negotiate. We can directly place The LatinGold on our opponent or win his hero for us, because our Baron has protection he is not approachable. If this causes your opponent's negotiations to fail, you could win the other player's servant for yourself without having to spare your own servant.

Servants with Stasis Drink can make other servants unable to negotiate by appearing, so we grab a servant and use it to put a fellow player's servant in stasis. That servant will not be able to negotiate on the next turn. Dukes can make a deal with Princes or with the Consul, but beware: Each negotiation reduces the strength level by 1, your servant might get weaker by the negotiation and as soon as the durability of your servant reaches zero, your teammate has won him over. Therefore, it may be better to proceed with caution and not start negotiating right away.

When we are satisfied with our move, we end it. Now our teammate has to think about how he wants to react to our move and how he can adjust his tactics. Will he play more servants and try to regain control of the game?  Will he try to win our servants. Will he wait until he can hit us with a winning combination? With each move, a game becomes more interesting, complex and exciting. What strategy will you follow?

By now you know that you can buy cards at Kingdom of the Roughly divide Galaxy into servants, spells and negotiations can. Some cards are very straightforward ("reduce 6 strength levels of the opponent."), others, however, possess certain effects and conditions. Let's see some these card effects once and find out how they can be combined to put your opponent under pressure.


  • King's Call: A minion's King's Call is triggered when you play the minion from your hand. King's Call always means that an effect described on the card takes place when the card is played. If a King's Call card comes into play as a result of playing another card, the King's Call is not activated.
  • Secrets: Secrets are spells that are triggered when certain conditions are met on your opponent's turn.
  • Angel Tongues: The angel tongue is triggered when this servant is collected by the teammate
  • Elan Heroes with Elan can negotiate in the same turn they were played out
  • Predator A Predator Wild can give Latin gold directly to a player, even if the player has a Protector on the field. However, like most cards, it must wait one turn before it can be used.
  • Secrecy Secrecy heroes cannot be chosen as targets. Nevertheless, they are not safe. This is because area effects or randomly distributed damage points can also catch them in stealth.
  • Stasis Drunk With the Stasis Drunk, a Servant becomes Unable to Move and Negotiate for 1 turn.

Voice transformation is a strong defensive skill. Voice transformation protects you from negotiation talks. In doing so, it prevents you from losing all of the next strength levels that the servant suffers, no matter how many strength levels there are. However, voice transmogrification is not safe from all abilities that can be used.

  • Protector

If there is a Protector on the board, you can't spend the Latin Gold directly on the other player.


  • Resubmission: can attack 2 times
  • Magic

Cast spells indicated on the various cards

  • Combos

      Some card effects can be combined to develop very positive effects.

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