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H a r a l d
G l ö ö c k l e r
Kingdom of then the Galaxy
Kingdom adventure card game. Game main character Crown Prince or Crown Princess. Grow the kingdom with each game. Achieve world domination and create peace all over the world. Each crown prince or crown princess forms a team. With this he must go to the negotiation to win the country for himself. A draw is made to determine who will start. The loser receives an additional crown crystal and may choose the continent. If you already own all the lands of a continent, you get an NFT land card and can sell it. It gets even more interesting if you own a whole continent. This can also be converted and you can sell it as NFT. Once you have converted it to NFT, you have to play all the countries again to achieve world domination. This is a strategy game. There are hundreds of variations to get to the goal. This game will absolutely delight you. Start with us now and acquire games cards NFTs
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